White Water Rafting Preparation and Tips

Forget shopping at fancy stores or enjoy a good meal at a restaurant. It’s time for you to taste the white water rafting. When crossing rapids, with a loud yell as much as it is legitimate. Well, before rafting, consider the following tips. Fit condition. You certainly must have a sound condition and fit while following Bali rafting. If you feel unsure of the ability to follow health rafting or do not support health then you should check first before following this activity.

Follow the instructions. Before starting the rafting, you will be given instructions. Ranging from what to do if you are thrown out of the boat and how to try to keep it safe.

Follow all instructions guide. If you are still thrown out of the boat then swim will be more exciting in your rafting!

Camera. Not advisable to bring a video recording or time of the camera. Because it would be easily damaged when exposed to water. Unless you have a special camera to waterproof outdoor activities.

Managers usually prepare personnel rafting photographer who will capture your pangarungan activities. You can then be viewed or ordered after rafting.

If It Can Swim. You can not swim? Then you do not follow the recommended rafting on the river that has a difficulty level class 4 or class 5.

Suffice it to enjoy the rapids by wearing a life jacket. Choose the difficulty level of the river with class 2 and class 3.

Glasses. To you with glasses, it is advisable to give the hook strap on goggles that can not be separated.

Sunscreen creams. When you use a sunscreen cream (sunscreen) then do not use on the forehead. Because, when exposed to water will be dangerous when exposed to the eye.

Do not also use it on the back foot. This can lead to slip.

Footwear. Not advisable to wear sandals. Sandals does not provide protection even when used to swim a little difficult.

Wear sneakers or sandals mountain. Even better if you have special shoes for rafting will be better again.

Clothing. Are also suggested to wear clothes made from synthetic fleece, polypro, capilene or wool on the inside.

Do not wear cotton. This material will make you cold when wet.

Wet Suit. When the weather is hot with cold water temperatures are advised to wear wet suits. While during cold weather and cold water temperatures in the river wearing wet suits class 5 combined with a special jacket.

In contrast, if the weather is warm and the water temperature is not too cold. We recommend wearing workout clothes and t-shirts only. Tips by Rafting in Bali, the most challenging adventure in Bali.